The APR Module

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The APR Module

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The Allied Parts Reference (APR) was designed to save time researching parts


The APR database is a place to store all information about a part.  This includes alternate or superseded part numbers, as well as aftermarket part numbers and casting numbers, and all machine models that use these numbers, complete with serial number range, if applicable.  Other manufacturers' models and their part numbers may also be included where they are interchangeable.


Parts can be looked up by any part or casting number associated with it in an APR.  Parts can also be looked up by make, model, and description.



Search for APRs by number or description in APR Numbers.


Search for APRs by make, model, description, serial number range in APR Applications.


Create APRs.



For more information or assistance, contact your ABS Administrator, or Allied Customer Support at 800-866-0466.










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