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There are multiple ways to create a new Sales transaction:


1.  In the Menu Pane (left pane) click to expand Sales, click Create Sale.  


2.  In the Menu Pane (left pane) click to expand Sales, click Maintenance, click the +Create button in the Center Pane at the top right.


Next, select the Type of Sales transaction you want to create.


Once in the Create Transaction form, enter the applicable information.

 TIP :  Some items on this form, such as "Items" or "Pictures" , have buttons to add new Items or add New Pictures.   When you press any of these buttons you will be given a separate browser window to enter the new Item or Picture.    Enter the information in that new form and click the Save button in the upper right.


Click the Save button at the upper right.




Additionally, a Sales transaction can be created from within the Find & Sell Module.










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