Searching for a Message

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Searching for a Message

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Using the Search by keywords... box to do a general search:

This is a very handy search feature that will search many of the key fields.


Simply type what you'd like to search for in the   Search by keywords... box, and click the Search  button ButtonSearch.


To find messages from a particlular dealer, type in their Customer Number or part of their company name.

To find messages about a particular make & model, type in that make and/or model.


deere 420       or       hitachi ex120        or         case 580        or       PC200LC

To find messages about a particular part, type in the part number or description.  


367381R1       or       1745042        or         A37731        or       crankshaft       or       hydraulic pump


Click the Search button.




For more Advanced Search options, see Searching for Messages here.



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