Reading Messages

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Reading Messages

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In the menu pane on the left side, click Network.    Click View Messages.


In the center pane the Network Messages in the current Filter are listed.   If you are not in any Filter, the heading will show simply "Network Messages".    If you are currently in a Filter, the heading will show "Network Messages - Filter Name".   Clicking the Clear button will 'clear' you out of any Filter and again show simply "Network Messages" as the heading.


In the filter pane on the right side you will see 3 categories of filters by default: Unread Messages, General, and All. The number to the right of each of the Unread Filters is the number of Unread Messages in this Filter.     When this number turns  BOLD with a ★ next to it , this indicates that new messages are available.  Refresh the page to see the new messages.


These Unread Messages Filters will always stay at the very top of this right pane so you can always see when new messages are available with the attention-getting BOLD starred ★ message counts .   Below that will be other Filters for this Module, including any special Filters you create.








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