Parts Reordering

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Parts Reordering

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Parts Reordering is a very helpful feature in ABS.


In the Menu Pane on the left, under Purchases, click Parts Reordering and you will see all your Parts Reordering records listed in the center pane.


How it works:

When the Reordering section of the Part record is set up, AND the part's quantity drops to the Reorder Level, a Parts Reordering record is created in this area.


You may make changes to the Parts Reordering records, Save them, and then use the Create Purchases button at the top right to create applicable Purchase Orders for the Parts Reordering records you have SAVED.


You can then go to Purchase Maintenance to manage your Purchase Orders (clicking the Create Purchases button will redirect you to the Purchase Maintenance page).    You will notice that the once a Purchase Order is created, the Parts Reordering record is gone.


Please contact Allied Customer Support at 800-866-0466 for more information and assistance on setting up this feature.




Additional information:

Set up the Reordering section of a Part record in Parts Maintenance.

Manage your Purchase Orders in Purchase Maintenance.










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