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Create Part

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There are three ways to add a Part to your inventory:


1.  In the Menu Pane (left pane) click to expand Parts, click Create Part.  


2.  In the Menu Pane (left pane) click to expand Parts, click Maintenance, click the +Create button in the Center Pane at the top right.


hmtoggle_plus1If prompted to Select a Default...

"Part Defaults" enable you to more quickly enter Parts that have common attributes, avoiding re-entering the same data over and over.

Create Part Defaults in Administration, Configuration, Parts, Defaults.

Once Part Defaults are created, they will be listed for you to choose from when you Create Part.

If no Part Defaults have been created in Configuration, then you will not see this choice.


3.  When adding an Item to a Purchase Order or Purchase Receipt, use the Add Inventory Items tab. {Note:  Not available in all ABS Editions}

See The Purchases Module topic for more information on Purchases.



Once in the Create Part form, enter the applicable information.

 TIP :  Some items on this form, such as Expenses, have a button to add a New Expense.   When you press this button you will be given a separate browser window to enter the new expense.    Enter the expense information in that new form and click the Save button in the upper right.


Click the Save button at the upper right.










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