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Dealers is a listing of all the Dealers on the Network.



In the Menu pane on the left side, click Network.    Click Dealers.


All Network Dealers are listed in alphabetical order by company name.  You may sort this list by any other column by clicking on its heading.   See the Sort topic for more details on all the sort options.



To search Network Dealers:


Using the Search by keywords... box to do a general search:

This is a very handy search feature that will search many of the key fields.


Simply type what you'd like to search for in the   Search by keywords... box, and click the Search  button ButtonSearch.


Enter any identifying information on the dealer you are looking for,  such as a Customer Number, part of their company name, city, phone number, etc.   Click the Search button.

 TIP :  Searching for the word Troy will find Troy Machinery and ABC Tractor Salvage in Troy, Michigan.



Using Advanced Search:

This set of search features lets you create searches with multiple criteria.   It also lets you save your search as a Filter that can be accessed any time with just one click.


Click the Advanced Search button


Create the first search criteria by

1) selecting a specific Field to search in the first drop down box,

2) select the Search Type from the second drop down box, and

3) enter the Search String in the third box.


Click the Search button.


Add more criteria for your search by clicking the +Add button.



Saving your search as a Filter:

Once your search obtains the results you want, click the Save As button, enter a name for your Filter and click OK.


Your Filter will now appear in the Filters section of the right pane.


 TIP :  You may modify any Filter, and click Search to use it.  This will not change the saved Filter.  You may save that change to the existing Filter by clicking the Save button.   You may save it to a new additional Filter by clicking the Save As button and naming the new Filter.  Now both the original and newly changed Filters will exist in the Filters section in the right Pane.










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