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Create Request Message

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A Request Message is a message requesting parts.  This type of message will go out to the whole Network.



In the Menu pane on the left side, click Network.    Click Create Request Message.


Notice the different Sections on this entry screen.


Fill in any applicable information in each Section:

Equipment:  Notice that as you begin to type in the Make or Model field, a drop down list appears to select from.

 TIP :  You may first enter the model in the Model field, and it will often recognize which Make it is as well and populate the Make field for you.

Notes:  Notice there are regular Notes to go along with this message, and Private Notes that will only show for your company.

Options:  You may enter your Customer info, for example, who you are looking for this part for.   This field is Private and will only show for your company.   You may check Ag & Ind to send the message to both networks if the item is truly used in both applications.  You have the option here to send this message FROM another user.

Picture:  Attach a picture by clicking on Choose File and selecting a picture file.

Parts:  Enter all the details for the part you are looking for.  Notice that as you type in Description, a drop down list appears to select from.   Add any additional notes about this part in the Notes field.   If you have more parts than there are lines, use the +Create button to add more lines.



Click the Send button at the top right to send the Request message.



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