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Create Direct Message

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A Direct Message is a message that will go to one or more individual Dealers on the Network.



In the Menu pane on the left side, click Network.    Click Create Direct Message.


In the To Dealers section, type the Customer Number or company name of the dealer you wish to send a message to.

 TIP :  Notice that as you type, matching options will appear for you to select from


If you are sending to a particular person at that company, you may type their name in the Employee field.  This is optional.


To send this message to more than one individual Dealer, click the +Create button and select another Dealer.


In the Message section, fill in whatever you'd like in the Subject field.

Enter any notes in the Notes field (optional).

Your log on name will be in the From field.  You may select another user.


Click the Select Picture button to select an image file to include.


Use the My Private Notes box to enter any notes that will only visible to your company.


Click the Send button at the top right to send the Direct message.



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