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In the Menu pane on the left side, click Administration, Configuration, Network


Preferences     Click the Edit button to change any of these settings:


Company Preferences

Industry:  Select your default Industry from the drop down list.  

This is the choice that will appear by default when you are creating a Request Message.   You will have the option to change it on each Request you create.  By selecting the most commonly used choice here, you will have to change this field less often when creating Request Messages.

Make:     If there is a make that you most often request parts for, you may enter it here.

This will be the default Make when you are creating a Request Message.   If you request parts for many different makes, you may simply leave this blank.

Pricing:   Select Retail or Net.

This will be the default Pricing type on your Quotes.   It will tell the dealer you are quoting if your price is a Retail price or a Net price.   Set this to the choice you use most often.  When creating a Quote, you will have the option to change it.



Sales Quotes

Create Quotes: Check this box if you want ABS to create a Quote or an Invoice in the Sales Module (Standard Edition and higher) whenever you Quote a Network Message.

Quote Type: Select whether you want a Quote or an Invoice to be created in the Sales Module when you Quote a Network Message.



User Preferences

Manually Mark Read:  Messages will not automatically be marked as Read when you view them.  You will have to click the Viewed button for them to show as Read.  (Note, the Viewed button only appears when this option is selected).

Flash Title on New Message:  Causes the browser tab to blink when a new message is available.

Display suggestion lists on Create Message:  Drop down list of Makes and Models in the Create Request Message screen.



New Message Alert Sounds

Select a sound from the drop down box for each message type.  This is the sound you will hear when a new message of that type becomes available.   Select the blank line at the top of the list to remove the selection so no sound will be played for that message type.  Note: you must have working speakers on your system, and the volume will be controlled by the system's speaker volume.



Email Forwarding

Forward Messages: Check this box if you want Private messages (i.e., Directs, Quotes, and Orders) to be sent to an email address.

Email Addresses:  Enter the email address(es) to forward to.  Simply enter one address per line.

Format: Choose from Html or Text