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Find & Sell Editor

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To work with multiple Find & Sells at one the Menu Pane (left pane) click to expand Find & Sell, then click Find & Sell Editor.   Notice that a new browser tab has opened for this Find & Sell.   This tab will be available for you to continue editing until you are ready to save it.   You may have multiple Find & Sell tabs open at one time.


The "Find Contact" box will pop up.

If this is for a specific Customer that you already have entered in ABS, you can locate that Customer by typing in any partial information on them, and clicking the Search button ButtonSearch.

If this is for a new Customer, you may add that Customer into the Contacts Module right here by clicking the +New  button.

If this is a General Inquiry that you are not associating with a particular Contact, click the xCancel button.  You will notice that the Contact Info in the Find & Sell box shows "General Inquiry".  

 TIP :  If at any time you'd like to associate this "General Inquiry" Find & Sell with a particular Customer, Edit the Find & Sell and click on the "Choose a Customer..."  heading.




Fill in all applicable fields on the Find & Sell tab.


Add parts to this "Find & Sell" by clicking on the Items tab and entering a Number or a Model & Description in the lower half of the screen in the box labeled "Requested".  Hit Enter or click the Search My Inventory button.     Use the +Add Another Item at the bottom right or the +Create button at the top right to add more items.


Click on the rest of the tabs such as AQS Parts to check availability of the item through those sources.


You may also click on the Network Request button in this lower section to create a Network Request Message for the item you have selected.


To create a Network Request Message for all the unassigned parts on this Find & Sell, use the Create Network Request for Unassigned Items button on the top Find & Sell tab.


On any of the tabs in the lower results section, click the arrow to the left of any of the results to expand it.     Click Assign to assign this particular part to this Find & Sell.


When done, at the top right, click one of the Save buttons.


To turn this Find & Sell into a Sales Transaction, select the Find & Sell in the top List and then select Sell from the More options below.    All Assigned Items will transfer to the sale.


 TIP :  You may find Equipment, as well as Parts.   Simply enter the Make and/or Model and/or Description, without entering a part number.





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