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Handy Print, Email, and Export features


To print a single item:

In any Module, select any single item from the list of items at the top of the screen.  In the lower section that contains the full detail of that item, press the Print button.

Note that some modules may present you with multiple print options when you press the Print button.   Select the option you want.


The item will appear in a new tab with the print, email, and export options.


For information on additional printing options for Messages in the Network Module, see the "Printing Messages" section in the Messages topic.



To print multiple items:

Select the items you want to print by checking the box to the left of the items.

Multiple options will appear at the top of list, with Print being one of them.

Click that Print button and you may get a dropdown box with the print options available.   There will often be the options to print an Export List and a Print List.


Export List - This is a tabular list that is suitable for Exporting to various file formats, like Excel.  You may print it, display it in the format you choose, or export it to a file.


Print List -  This is a simple list of items displayed down the page that you may print or save to a file.



To print all the items in the current Filter:

Click the Print button at the top right of the center pane





Once you are on the Print page, you will have a Print Toolbar:




Hover your mouse pointer over any of the buttons on this toolbar and you will see a Tool Tip that tells you what that button does.






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